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     Update 03/05/2021


     This is the latest information we have based on the Governors orders.


     Alcohol is once again able to be served and enjoyed past 10pm.  There are no longer any alcohol restrictions that negatively affect banquets.


Face Masks

     Governor Dewine has ordered that all people, who are not exempt, wear face coverings in public facilities.  After speaking with local health officials, determining that we can not both enforce the mask rule and fall within the ADA, and seeing many instances of violence around the nation when face covering mandates are enforced by businesses, we have decided for the safety of our employees we will not approach, talk to, or remove patrons for failure to wear face masks.  Any enforcement of mandatory mask rules will fall to the parties that have rented the Norlyn Manor.  All Norlyn Manor employees will continue to wear face coverings, gloves and increase surface cleaning frequency as mandated by the local health department.


Additional Orders

     The order forcing us to close common areas and dance floors has been lifted.  This allows us to once again have dancing.

    We are able able to give tours in person.  If you would like to schedule a tour please click here.  If you would prefer to take a virtual tour, we will continue to offer those as well.

    Thank you for your interest in the Norlyn Manor and please stay safe during these difficult times.  We are thrilled to once again provide you with the best location, food, and service in the industry.

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