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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I get married at the gazebo if it's raining?

You can't, or at least you probably shouldn't.  That's why Norlyn Manor has a chapel, if the weather outside isn't as perfect as the rest of you wedding day, you can move your ceremony into the chapel and never miss a beat.

Is there a place for me to get ready before my wedding?

Yes, Norlyn Manor has a beautiful and spacious bridal room for you and your bridesmaids to get dressed.


Is there a vendor list we need to choose from?

No, you are welcome to work with any wedding professional you want.

Do you have a preferred vendor list?

No, we can offer advice if you'd prefer, but we feel charging vendors to be on a preferred list only hurts our credibility as wedding professionals.

When can my DJ, florist, or baker arrive?

Generally, vendors can come in any time after we open in the morning, but if they would like specific times, we would be happy to answer them for you.  Just have your vendors give us a call.


What beers are included in the unlimited package?

The unlimited package includes Bud Light, Miller Lite, and Budweiser.

What wines are included in the unlimited package?

The unlimited package includes Stone Cellars Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chardonnay, as well as Beringer White Zinfindel.

Are liquor packages available as well?

Yes, a top shelf liquor package can be added to the beer and wine package for $8 per guest.

Can we bring in a different beer, wine, or liquor?

No, because we have a liquor license, the State of Ohio does not allow customers to bring in any alcoholic beverages, but we can order it for you.  Generally, we charge a small stocking fee for this, please inquire for more information.


Are candles allowed to be used?

Yes, but there are some fire code restrictions to keep in mind.  All candles must be contained in a glass or metal votive, lantern or other appropriate vessel.  The flame of the candle cannot be taller than the vessel that holds it.  So if the wick of the candle is within an inch of the top of the votive, the votive is not tall enough.

Are there any restrictions on decorations?

Yes, Glitter and confetti are not allowed.  We also do not allow anything to be taped, nailed, pinned, tacked, or in any way adhered to the walls.

Will you set-up my decorations for me?

Yes, but with a few restrictions.  We are happy to put out party favors, flower petals, centerpieces, table numbers, decorations, etc.  We will fill vases for floating candles and light the candles.  We cannot however, assemble floral centerpieces or hang tulle or garland, these tasks are reserved for your florist.  


What caterer do you use?

We don't.  All of our food made in house, from scratch, and served fresh.

Can we try the food?

Yes, we offer taste testings throughout the year.

Do you allow outside catering?

The short answer is yes, but since we do not have a room rental, we do charge a plating fee in this situation.


Where can I find your wedding package pricing?

The wedding package pricing can be found here.

Do you offer military discounts?

Yes, please inquire for details.

Are there any fees for bartenders, cake cutting, glassware, etc.?

No, although we do offer bar and menu upgrades, all of the necessities for your reception are covered in one price.

Are there any additional charges at all?

Sales Tax of 6.75% is charged on all services as well as 20% gratuity.

Are there room minimums?

Yes, we need to ensure that small groups don't book our largest rooms, but they usually don't affect medium or large weddings.

What kind of deposit do I need to book my wedding at Norlyn Manor?

Typically we charge a 30% deposit which is applied to your wedding, but we often work with customers to create payment schedules if needed.

Are there any other discounts?

Yes, we have discounted rates throughout the off season, as well as Friday nights.  Please inquire for more information.

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