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Weddings & Receptions

We specialize in Weddings & Receptions


Congratulations on your engagement! You have found the perfect partner in your beloved, now discover a perfect venue for your special day in the Norlyn Manor.


Have your wedding & reception here.  Have only your reception here.


Your choice.


We offer all-inclusive and customizable package options. We will work with you to ensure your package options fulfill your vision and we strive to offer something to fit your budget.


Our main focus is to provide an elegant wedding and/or reception venue that is fun and relaxed for you and your guests. All of the set-up for your wedding is taken care of: from room & table set up, putting out guest favors and lighting candles, to ensuring the engraved side of your cake knife is facing up. Our staff is dedicated to making sure you will not have to lift a finger.


Need more information about our Wedding Package? Click here.


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